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RTR Upgrade
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* Deposit Required: A deposit is required for this part. This will be refunded in full or in part on receipt of exchange item, depending on the condition of the part received. Vat at the prevailing rate will be added to the deposit if applicable.
TR2-3B Fast Road / Rally configuration using Nylatron suspension bushes rather than polyurethane; suitable where ride comfort can be compromised in favour of performance.

This set up was primary designed for forest stage rallies providing good ground clearance (155-165mm) reasonably soft springing commensurate with rough going, coupled with heavy anti-roll bars to assist the springing in roll.

The system has proved so popular to drivers who use their cars for rallying and ordinary road use that we now offer this as a Fast road set up too, where ground clearance is important. The anti-roll bar configuration incorporates Superpro polyurethane links at the front and aircraft quality spherical bearing joints at the rear. Steering geometry is changed to incorporate toe-out on turns, and is positively located by a bushed idler block and solid track control pins.

The kit includes all springs, dampers, Nylatron suspension bushes, trunnions etc. In fact everything for a complete suspension rebuild and more!

A deposit applies until certain exchange parts are returned. These being: Rear dampers, steering arms and Idler.

Mere words cannot adequately describe the phenomenal benefits that this kit can provide. Please see information sheet IS0013, which includes more information and testimonials from winners.
If you are going to use our steering rack conversion you will not need the steering parts of this kit. Revington TR will remove these to avoid duplication. The current value of the parts that will be removed can be found by looking up part number RTR3454. See below

Suspension and steering

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