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NOT AVAILABLE This part is no longer available

Several wheel brace types were in use for removing nuts attaching steel road wheels fitted to TR2-6. Press 'MORE' to see options

059428 TR2-CP/CC50000 TR6; Straight bar with a folding handle
516676 CP/CC50001 to CR5000/CF1250 TR6; 90 degree bar with folding handle
138514 CR5001/CF1251 on TR6; 90 degree bar without a folding handle
516677 An alternative TR2-6 tool with a cranked arm and a blade at the end of the handle which is used to remove Nave Plates (Hub Caps)
We sometimes have the above tools in stock new or second hand but if not please use the following universal tool:-
RTR9242 This universal wheel brace features an extending arm and a range of sockets 17,19,21,22mm

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