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This new negative earth Fuel Contents Gauge looks identical to an original gauge when fitted to the car but has modern internals and must be used with a sender unit with resistance 3Ώ empty to 80Ώ full.

This gauge will only work in cars that have been converted to negative earth and have an original sender unit or our high quality units having a resistive value of 3Ώ empty to 80Ώ full, it will work best with our adjustable sender unit part number RTR8514 which has the same resistive value and must be ordered at the same time. We also supply this gauge and RTR8514 sender unit as a kit, for both positive earth cars and for negative earth cars, this is our preferred solution. Order RTR8564NK or RTR8564PK which is a matched pair of a gauge and sender unit, the gauge looks identical to an original gauge when mounted in the dashboard. The illumination is by tube and bulb holder in the style of the later TR4-6 gauges which provides better illumination and the opportunity to use LED bulbs. This is shown in the photographs. If necessary, at additional cost for the purist, the casing can be pierced to use the original external lighting. See part number RTR8572 which explains this. This instrument does not need to be fed via a voltage regulator 

Should an original gauge be required we can supply these on an exchange basis under part number 106964AEX or 106964BEX depending on which original gauge you have. See the notes under these part numbers for an explanation.

We also have second hand parts 106964ASH and 106964BSH. See below

A version of this gauge can also be supplied to work with a dip type sender unit which is essential when a foam filled fuel tank is in use.
See RTR8547-A
For those interested in the technical issues surrounding the compatibility of fuel gauges and sender units, please see information sheet IS0011 which is downloadable from the 'Further Reading' tab.

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