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Second Hand FUEL GAUGE PG163

Part No:
Price Ex VAT @ 20%

Second Hand original TR2-3 Fuel contents Gauge (with PG163 printed on the face). Also available on an exchange. basis. This gauge works best with sender unit part number 202137 (marked ST-202137R 80085/1 on the top face).

There were two fuel gauges used on TR2-3B. Confusingly there are two part numbers for the sender unit mounted on top of the fuel tank, but only one part number (106964) for the gauge. To make some sense of this we have created two discrete part numbers for the gauge and rely on the original part numbers for the sender units. Fortunately both gauges and both sender units whist looking the same, do have makers part numbers visible which ensures you can identify what you have. We can supply both gauges and sender units on an exchange basis (identified by the suffix EX in the part number) and can supply new gauges to work with the original or RTR8514 senders. Our preferred solution is to provide a matched set of a new gauge and sender unit, order RTR8564NK or RTR8564PK NK and PK standing for Negative or Positive earth Kits. The gauge looks identical to an original gauge when mounted in the dashboard. See below for details.   

In general 106964AEX was fitted up to TR3 and 106964BEX was fitted to later TR3A's onwards however as these cars are 60+ years old there is no guarantee that what was fitted in the factory is still there today. 

Having identified two gauges with the same Triumph part number but different part references on the gauge and two separate fuel gauge sender part numbers, difficulties have arisen in the past when early gauges have been mixed with later sender units and vis versa but as the general characteristics of both gauges and sender units are the same we do not have an explanation for this.

The two standard gauges and sender units are: -


  • Gauge 106964AEX (with PG163 on face) works best with sender unit part number 202137 (marked ST-202137R 80085/1 on the top) 
  • Gauge 106964BEX (with FG2530/20 printed on the face) works best with sender unit part number 203610 (marked FT3331/02 on the top face)

Revington TR added the suffix A or B to the gauges to differentiate between them. These gauges are not polarity sensitive.

For those interested in the technical issues surrounding the compatibility of fuel gauges and sender units, please see information sheet IS0011 which is downloadable from the 'Further Reading' tab. 

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