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TR4A-6 Bracket Front Suspension lower fulcrum. This part has two attachment bolts. Some aftermarket new parts are dimensionaly inaccurate. Use our powder-coated original parts, second hand parts or uprated part RTR3287. See below

We have been made aware that some aftermarket new parts are made incorrectly. The dimension of the pivot bolt hole to the mounting face is 4mm short. This means that the correct camber cannot be achieved. Consider second hand original part 148691SH or second hand original part powder coated black 148691SHPC.

When the front suspension has been strengthened or negative camber is desired, the studs on the standard bracket, 148691, will not be long enough. Use special bracket RTR3287. See below

TR4A's had only one attachment bolt to the chassis, which could result in the bracket pulling out of the chassis with fatal results. Replacement with this safer TR6 part 148691SH, 48691SHPC or RTR3287 on TR4A's is strongly recommended. 

Suspension and steering

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