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Exchange flat glass TR4-4A Miles Per Hour (MPH) Speedometer. We offer this service as an exchange for your old instrument or we can refurbish your instrument if you prefer. Part number 209188 was in fact Triumph's part number for a speedometer for use with a 3.7:1 axle ratio and 165/15 tyres.

We use this number, 209188 with the suffix 'EX' indicating and EXchange part for all MPH TR4-4A flat glass exchange speedometers however we do encourage our customers to provide us with a calibration figure so that the instrument can be calibrated as accurately as is possible with a mechanical movement, to suit your car. You can find out how to do this HERE.

Please note that our exchange overhaul service assumes the unit returned is suitable for overhaul and not scrap. Our terms and conditioned can be viewed HERE.
Please note also that if you have an MPH speedometer and would like it to be refaced to show Kilometres Per Hour (KPH) (or vice versa) then an extra charge applies for that service. Please see part number RTR8585 below for cost and more information. This charge also applies if a speedometer is returned for exchange and the face is not reusable. You will be advised if this is the case for your approval of the additional charge before proceeding.

If you do not have an instrument at all we may be able to help as we have a small stock of second hand instruments which we can overhaul and sell on an outright basis. The cost will be the overhaul cost plus the deposit plus reface cost RTR8585 is appropriate. 

In addition to refurbishing old instruments we can provide a complete range of brand-new instruments. Within this range we offer an electronic speedometer, which is identical in all respects visually when mounted in the car to an original instrument, except for a small green window in the face that provides odometer and trip information.

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