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* Deposit Required: A deposit is required for this part. This will be refunded in full or in part on receipt of exchange item, depending on the condition of the part received. Vat at the prevailing rate will be added to the deposit if applicable.

TR4-4A flat glass Tachometer (Rev Counter) supplied overhauled on an exchange basis. As this instrument is supplied on an exchange basis, a deposit will be charged until we receive an instrument suitable for overhaul in return, unless you supply your instrument first for us to overhaul.

If the tachometer returned for exchange has a damaged face resulting it being unsuitable for reuse then an extra charge will be applied for the service of refacing the instrument. Please see part number RTR8585 below. You will be advised if this is the case for your approval of the additional charge before proceeding. If you are having your own instrument overhauled, you can of course ask for this service to be applied irrespective of the condition of the face of your instrument.

If you do not have an instrument at all we may be able to help as we have a small stock of second hand instruments which we can overhaul and sell on an outright basis. The cost will be the overhaul cost plus the deposit plus reface cost RTR8585 is appropriate.

In addition to refurbishing old instruments we can also provide a complete range of brand-new instruments. Within this range we offer an Electronic Tachometer which is identical in all respects visually to an original instrument when mounted in the car.


Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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