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Hose Braided Stainless Steel from petrol pump to Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) TR6 where the PRV is at the left hand side of the petrol tank (many TR5's will have been converted to this arrangement).

This Teflon lined, Stainless Steel braided hose manufactured to a very high quality specifically for RevingtonTR, is much harder wearing than the original rubber hose; it is a facsimile of the original hose having a 90 degree fitting on both ends and is 450mm long. Be aware that if this hose 215642SS is used in conjunction with an axial flow (Bosch type) pump kit such as our RTR4050K, RTR4050XK or RTR4050-1K kits, resonance is certain to occur and may well do so if rubber hose 215642 is used. However there is a solution. See the note below.

Resonance is when the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) fluctuates at a resonant frequency with the pulses generated by the fuel pump and an unpleasant droning noise is produced. This phenomenon is unlikely to occur with the original Lucas pump but is very likely when an axial flow pump is fitted. A longer soft hose RTR4048 from the pump to the PRV usually cures this (a stainless Steel braded hose will make it worse) but brings with it another bit of bad news. As modern fuels are much more volatile than older fuels they can permeate through rubber hose and create an unpleasant petrol smell in the boot. If this is unacceptable there is a definitive solution to all this. We have a modern PRV available RTR4456K which works on a different principle to the original type and does not resonate. The good news is that this Teflon lined Stainless Steel braided hose 215642SS can be used from the pump to the PRV and will greatly reduce petrol smells in the boot. If you have not got a RevingtonTR fuel pump kit, there is a chance the connections are not standard TR size i.e. 3/8"BSP. Part number RTR4015 might be what you need to convert back to standard size but check your fitting size first. This is 3/8" BSP one end and M12x1.25mm pitch the other.
Hose 215642SS comes with one end loose so that it can be orientated correctly then tightened firmly. This is useful when using this hose to connect one of our axial fuel pump kits to the PRV. We recommend this hose in this application as it fits best with a pump shield RTR7259 and/or underwing shields. If your specific applications requires a longer hose use RTR4080-1 which whilst longer has a 90° union one end and a straight union the other.

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