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Axial PUMP KIT, PI. Fitment in spare wheel well, with tap

RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%

Revington TR developed this high pressure pump kit based on a Bosch style axial flow pump and pressurised filter in the late 1980's. An on/off tap connected between the petrol tank and the first feed hose, makes for mess free filter changes. Mounted Internally, this kit is compatible with E10 unleaded fuel.

 it is important to choose the correct kit for your needs and to ensure all the additional equipment around the pump kit is appropriate to the new system. More on this subject can be read HERE

This kit replaces the Lucas fuel pump and filter system fitted to TR5and TR6, with a neat arrangement consisting of a Motorsport axial type high pressure pump, non return valve, gauze filter, pressurized filter, 3 rubber hoses with stainless steel braided covering and aluminium aircraft quality fittings, clamps and rubber mountings. At the time of writing we have not heard of this system failing due to hot weather over heating. Now considered to be the Industry standard, RevingtonTR developed this kit after a series of unsatisfactory results with other Bosch conversions. This system was designed in conjunction with local Bosch experts with input from Bosch technical department, taking into account all the requirements of the Bosch pump, i.e. its position, feed rate, position in the fuel system and filtration needs. A more detailed information sheet, IS0006 is available  .
This unit is mounted internally. This arrangement may suit racers but beware of petrol smells 'permeating' through the hoses giving rise to 'fumey' smells in the boot area. if this is likely to be a problem choose our premium kit RTR4050-1K. An on/off tap connected between the petrol tank and the first feed hose is included. As the filters require cleaning in the case of the clear filter and replacing in the case of the high-pressure filter. This tap makes the job easier and less messy. It is not recommended to use this tap as an anti-theft device as running the pump inadvertently with the tap closed will damage the pump.

NOTE 1: This kit must have a good electrical supply capable of passing 13 amps. The original car wiring is not adequate, as the Lucas pump only requires 3.5 amps. We can supply a relay kit part number RTR4017K. See below.

NOTE 2: TR5 and early TR6 cars did not have an anti-surge reservoir in the petrol tank. Cars fitted with this type of tank will experience fuel starvation on tight left hand corners with less than a quarter of a tank of fuel. Our replacement tanks incorperating the correct anti surge reservoir, part number 312359A or 312359XALK should be fitted to remove this annoying symptom. See below and the Fuel Tank Section for more information.

NOTE 3: Fitting RTR4050K should take about two hours.

NOTE 4: Also consider hose RTR4048 to the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) which helps to reduce resonance. Resonance is when the PRV fluctuates at a resonant frequency with the pulses generated by the fuel pump and an unpleasant droning noise is produced. This phenomenon is unlikely to occur with the original Lucas pump but is very likely when a axial flow type pump is fitted. A longer soft hose RTR4048 from the pump to the PRV usually cures this (a stainless Steel braded hose will make it worse unless our new style PRV RTR4456K is fitted) but brings with it another bit of bad news. As modern fuels are much more volatile than older fuels they can permeate through rubber hose and create an unpleasant smell in the boot. If this is unacceptable there is a definitive solution to all this. We have a modern PRV available RTR4456K which works on a different principle to the original type and does not resonate. The good news is that a Teflon lined Stainless Steel braided hose 215642SS can be used from the pump to the PRV which will greatly reduce petrol smells in the boot. 3 x grommet GHF821 will be needed to fill the Lucas pump mounting holes (supplied in the kit)

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