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TR6 Return Hose, stainless steel braided covering, screw type, from metering unit flange to pipe returning to petrol tank

NOTE: Should you wish to use this safer screw connection return pipe on push on type metering units, it will be necessary to drill and tap the metering unit body, fit the bleed adapter listed below, and use flared return pipe no. 217891.
Three types of return pipe were used to connect the metering unity to the 3/16" return 'Bundy' tubing as follows: -
148947 Plain rubber tube fitted from the start of TR5 production to commission number CP5000
154954 Moulded 90 degree elbow rubber tube fitted from commission number CP5001 to CP75000. Now no longer available, use 148947 which is a direct fit
217841 Nylon tube with metal screw fittings either end fitted from commission number CP75001 to the end of production. If this type of tube is required, Revington TR recommend 217841SS which is a braided stainless steel covered version of 217841 which looks good and is a lot safer than plain nylon tubing.

Before ordering, be sure to check which fitting you have at the metering unit; push on or screw fitting.

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