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TR4A-6 Steering Rack RHD. Total length 1003mm. LHD is 306830. These steering racks are newly manufactured, not refurbished nor reworked. This new rack to standard specification gives 3.25 turns lock to lock. When replacing your old rack, consider replacing your worn out mountings with SuperPro Polyurethane part no. SPF0941K, for Road use and Road/Rally.

If you use your car for more serious competition then it is more beneficial to have the steering rack solidly mounted to the chassis with Aluminium Clamp Kit RTR3007K. Also consider replacing your worn track rod ends with new greasable versions, part no. GSJ156GR. See below
NOTE: Where new racks are not available exchange racks are supplied using part number 306829EX.

A quick rack is also available that reduced the number of steering wheel turns from lock to lock from over 3 to 2.5. See RTR3022 and RTR3022L below

Initial inspection and fitting

Please do be aware that the steering will seem stiff to start with, this should not be a surprise as the steering rack is brand new and will certainly appear stiff compared with the previous steering system which is likely to have covered many tens of thousands of miles and is being replaces because the old system was worn out and probably sloppy. Customer experience tells us that the steering will ease up after 100 miles or so and that when two to three hundred miles have been covered the  rack will seem to have bedded in nicely.

Each user will have a different opinion about what is acceptable in terms force required to turn the steering wheel, however before deciding something needs to be done about the steering rack, it is important to ensure the swivel components in the suspension are not causing the problem. We have created a Technical Instruction which shows how the steering rack can be adjusted to reduce the torque required to turn the pinion. This should, after adequate running in, never be necessary but is offered should a user feel it is something they wish to do. The Technical Information sheet can be used to tighten up a steering rack that has become loose in operation. The Information sheet is downloadable via the Further Reading/Data Sheets tab above.


Suspension and steering

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