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The AE bearing is not currently available and a King Tri metal bearing is being supplied as a replacement. Please call for more details. The notes below have been retained for reference only and do not describe the bearing supplied.

TR250, 5 and 6 Connecting Rod Bearing set (12 pieces), standard size, also known as Big Ends. AE branded, VP2 type Tri-Metal manufactured to the highest standards. Also suitable for Triumph 2000, 2.5, Vitesse and GT6 

TR250, 5 and 6 crankshaft main bearings and big end bearings (connecting rod bearings) were sold by Triumph under several part numbers.

Initially the bearing shells were sold as individual parts and later as complete sets albeit for late TR6 carburettor models only! Through the life of the cars carburettor models had different part numbered bearings and thrust washers to petrol injection cars. It must be assumed that stronger material was specified for the more powerfully PI cars. Undersize bearings were offered down to -0.030" for both mains and big ends but only standard thickness thrust washers were offered.
Revington TR, always striving to offer the best products, have commissioned the reintroduction of AE branded bearings by an internationally renowned engine bearing manufacturer. These bearings are Tri-Metal high performance type; steel backed with lead bronze material and precision overlay plating. This type of bearing is equivalent to Vandervell Products VP2 construction and is the same standard of bearing currently supplied by our manufacturer as replacement parts for Mercedes, Volvo & Scania trucks. Our range extends from standard size to 0.060" undersize for both big and main bearings.
Our part numbers follow the original AE numbering system; we offer a standard quality bearing set (not AE manufacture) which is adequate for mild operation and our high quality sets (AE manufacture) using the same number suffixed HQ .
Whilst Triumph originally sold bearing shells individually, we now only sell sets.
We only offer Thrust washers in standard grade as they are only subject to light duty; performance improvement does not affect the thrust washers.

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