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TR4A-6 Release bearing, heavy duty. The introduction of this bearing has been prompted by the recent poor quality of the original style bearing.

GRB211HD is a modern bearing which is much more reliable than the original RHP bearing which these days give no end of problems. This item can only be used on TR2-4 when a TR4A-6 type clutch is employed.

Customers should be aware that the grease in these bearings is thicker than in standard bearings and they take a while to bed in. If the clutch pedal is lightly pressed (riding the clutch which is bad practice) a squeal will hear for the first few operations ( maybe quite few - it varies). It is better during this period to ensure the clutch is fully pressed or not at all until the bearing frees up and can quickly spin up to the speed of the cover.

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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