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Wiper motor 14W type. These new units come without a gearwheel as the unit is used in many applications with differing sweep requirements.

The gearwheel from your old unit will need to be fitted to the new unit, or a new gearwheel purchased (a TR6 has a sweep of 115 degrees) part number 37H3048.
When fitting a new gearwheel, a washer pack part number RTR8288 may be needed.
Consider also second hand part GXE7708SH or reconditioned part GXE7708EX. See below

For reference TR2-5 Wiper motor fitments are as follows: -
TR2 Motor part No. 501684. TSI TS996 single speed CRT type. Wiper spacing 10"
TR2 TR3 Motor part No. 501684. TS997 TS12567 CRT type. Wiper spacing 12"
TR3 TR4 Motor part No. 505124. TS12568 CT7783 (RHD) and CT30 (LHD) DR2 type. Wiper spacing 14 ¾"
TR4 Motor part No. 510985. From CT7784 (RHD) & CT31 (LHD). DR3A type. Single speed
TR4A 5 Motor part No. 514821. Two speed DR3A type (also optional equipment TR3 from TS12568 onwards.

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