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TR2-6 Annular clutch release bearing kit. This annular clutch release mechanism dispenses with the original hydraulic cylinder, push rod, cross shaft, fork, bearing and carrier completely. With all the original linkage parts removed the new assembly is bolted directly to the front of the gearbox and has just one moving part, the annular hydraulic cylinder which pushes the release bearing on to the clutch diaphragm directly.

The kit consists of a new nose for the gearbox that accommodates the front seal, the annular release bearing assembly and hoses. Some adaptation may be necessary to suit specific applications. The kit is designed to work with a standard TR6 type diaphragm clutch. If other shallower clutch parts are used, the annular release bearing assembly will need spacing off to a suitable height.


The current unit we supply, post Oct 2014, has seals that do not work well with silicon fluid, we therefore recommend using standard polyglycol fluid. The seals are made from EPDM. We would recommend Dot 3 or 4, polyglycol fluid.


As this type of annular cylinder uses much less hydraulic oil than a standard system, a smaller internal diameter clutch master cylinder (5/8" [0.625"]) should be used and a limiting stop employed to ensure the clutch is not over stroked. See below. If a smaller master cylinder is used the pedal action will be long and light, if a standard cylinder is used (usually 0 .7" or 0.75") with a stop the pedal action will be short and harder. 

This kit will only work with a diaphragm clutch therefore TR2-4 owners who are still using a spring clutch will have to re-drill their flywheel to accept a TR6 diaphragm clutch cover and plate (not supplied with the kit).

The cylinders mentioned above suit TR3-3B (external reservoir) and TR4-6 (integral reservoir) and are listed below. TR's 2-3 with a Lockheed master cylinder would use the pedal stop or change to our duel circuit master cylinder kit. See the RTR4409 range.

When considering this kit it's worth bearing in mind that it is primarily a racing part where the engine and gearbox are usually removed at least annually for inspection giving the opportunity for the Annular Release Bearing kit to be inspected also.
If the kit is used on a road car and a hydraulic leak develops (unlikely but possible) the gearbox will need to be removed to investigate and rectify. A seal kit RTR1009-1S is available to effect repairs.

RTR4085 TR3-3B Master cylinder 0.625" bore
122167-1 TR3-3B Master cylinder 0.7" bore
122167 TR3-3B Master cylinder 0.75" bore

BHA4072Z TR4-6 Master cylinder 0.625" bore. Outlet 3/8"UNF
GMC205 TR5-6 Master cylinder 0.625" bore with more sloping reservoir.
130887 TR4-6 Master cylinder 0.75" bore. Outlet 3/8"UNF
148531 TR4-6 Master cylinder 0.75" bore. Outlet 7/16"UNF

RTR1280 Pedal Stop TR2-4A
RTR1458K Pedal Stop TR250, 5, 6
For customer comments please see Pierre's Blog in Readers drive section linked under the Reviews Tab. 

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