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RTR Upgrade
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TR4A, 250, 5 and TR6 Adjustable and spring loaded clutch slave cylinder operating rod. The clutch-operating rod and fork fitted to TR2-4 is adjustable in length and positively pulled back into the slave cylinder by a return spring, thus keeping the release bearing off the pressure plate.

The rod and fork fitted to TR's 4A, 250, 5 and 6 does not have a spring return facility but can be replaced with this kit for those who prefer to use the TR2-4 arrangement. Neil Revington has never worn out a clutch cover or release bearing in his TR2 (fitted with a return spring of course) and believes that positive return of the release bearing has contributed to this. Triumph continued to use an adjustable push rod on the TR4A, but omitted the spring 027645 and plate 106347. Triumph will have deleted
the spring and plate (part of this kit) so the clutch was self-adjusted, to save cost and to ensure the clutch was destined for a shorter life.

Kit Part Number RTR1111K is designed for TR4A, 250, 5 and 6 owners who wish to ensure the clutch it positively disengaged by a return spring. Some earlier cars may have been fitted with a solid non-adjustable rod; in this case RTR1111K should be fitted. If you are hoping to use this kit to cure a problem clutch where the travel seems not enough to disengage the clutch, then it is quite likely that the problem is a broken taper pin in the clutch cross shaft, part number 158777.
This can be determined by viewing the clutch operating lever side on. If the lever is pointing forward, all is well. If it is pointing backwards, then it is most likely that the pin is broken. This kit, RTR1111K may improve matters as a stopgap. As a repair requires gearbox removal, and replacement of almost all the cross shaft components, you might consider fitting a new clutch pressure plate, cover and bearing along with our phosphor bronze release bearing carrier 147858PB. See below

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