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RTR Upgrade
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Stud RTR1219 which is 42mm long and has a flat face under the head, is specifically intended for fitment to TR3-6 (and TR2 fitted with disc brakes) front hubs only.

It is important to work out the amount of thread that will protrude though your wheel to ensure there is sufficient thread to attach the wheel nuts safely. As a minimum this should be 17mm and preferably 19mm. Also it is important to be sure that if tube nuts are being used, that the stud does not bottom out in the nut.
See also RTR1220
Studs fitted to the rear hubs of TR2-4 and TR4A with a rigid axle, screw in. Longer studs, RTR1385+10 can be fitted as long as the hub is tapped out to accommodate these studs using tap RTR1379.
Studs fitted to the rear hubs of TR4A-6 with independent rear suspension have a conical face under the head. Thus far Revington TR have not found longer rear studs readily available. Should you wish to use longer studs RTR1219 or RTR1220 on the rear, it is necessary to have the hubs machined to a flat face to accommodate the head shape of these studs.

Full list of original applications: -
TR2-3 Drum brake cars Front; wire wheels. No studs; spline integral with the hub
TR2-3 Drum brake cars Front; steel wheels. 100869
TR3 (Disc brake cars)-6 Front; wire wheels. 114281
TR3 (Disc brake cars)-6 Front; steel wheels. 114282

TR2-3 Lockheed axle; wire wheels. No studs; spline integral with the hub
TR3 (Girling axle)-4 and TR4A rigid axle Rear; wire wheels. 110365
TR2-4 and TR4A rigid axle Rear; steel wheels. 100869
TR4A-6 independent suspension; wire wheels. 142799
TR4A-6 independent suspension; steel wheels. 132317

Please note that short studs intended for wire wheel applications should NEVER be used with steel wheels or aftermarket alloy wheels. ALWAYS use the longer studs.

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