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RTR Upgrade
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TR2-4 (and TR4A Live Axle) Repair screw-in type Wheel Stud.TR2-4(and TR4A Live Axle) Wheel stud rear axle, with oversize thread into the hub. This stud enables torn out threads to be repaired.

It is not uncommon for this type of stud to pull out of the hub, if this happens Revington TR are at the rescue with this repair procedure. This stud has the same thread type and length protruding from the hub for wheel attachment as a standard steel wheel stud 100869 (steel wheel length) but with an oversize thread into the hub. This oversize thread has been selected to be the same pitch as the original thread but a size larger. In this way no drilling out is usually necessary as the special tap RTR1379 picks up on the original thread and simply produces a similarly pitched thread but of a larger diameter.
Be sure to order the special tap RTR1379 at the same time as the studs are ordered. Also, if wire wheel adaptors are being fitted, be sure to cut the studs down once the attachment nuts have been fully tightened, leaving 1.5 threads protruding. Then trial fit the wheel with a blob of plasticine at the ends of the studs to ensure the studs do not touch the wheel at any point.
Repair studs 10mm longer are also available under part number RTR1385+10

Full list of original applications: -
TR2-3 Drum brake cars Front; wire wheels. No studs; spline integral with the hub
TR2-3 Drum brake cars Front; steel wheels. 100869
TR3 (Disc brake cars)-6 Front; wire wheels. 114281
TR3 (Disc brake cars)-6 Front; steel wheels. 114282

TR2-3 Lockheed axle; wire wheels. No studs; spline integral with the hub
TR3 (Girling axle)-4 and TR4A rigid axle Rear; wire wheels. 110365
TR2-4 and TR4A rigid axle Rear; steel wheels. 100869
TR4A-6 independent suspension; wire wheels. 142799
TR4A-6 independent suspension; steel wheels. 132317

Please note that short studs intended for wire wheel applications should NEVER be used with steel wheels or aftermarket alloy wheels. ALWAYS use the longer studs.

Engine, Transmission, wheels/Tyres and Heating/Cooling

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