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Alaska 3 195/60/15 tarmac road/rally tyre. Good all round road tyre. The Alaska III is ideally suited for the dryer, harder track surfaces. Supplied in medium compound. We can supply these tyres in sizes from 13" to 16" in a variety of widths and aspect ratio as well as the compound variations noted in our general information about Maxsport tyres.

These tyres are moulded in Germany with Maxsport's own formula compound. The mould is also used for a winter tyre and it therefore says winter tyre on the side wall. Do not be put off by this. these tyres are excellent all rounders due to the complex tread pattern and Maxsport compound.

.Please enquire if you need a tyre not in our listing as the tyres listed offer a range that will be preferred by the majority of customers. General information about Maxsport tyres can be viewed here

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