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TYRE MAXSPORT RB5-F2 205/55/R15 87V

RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%

205/55/15 R15 87V RB5F2 Road legal tarmac rally tyre. Also ideal as a track day/Hillclimb/sprint tyre. Supplied in Super soft compound. Maxsport Tyres are now one of Europe’s most respected tyre remanufacturers of tyres for road use and competition (or a combination of both).

Be aware however in very poor wet weather conditions the water clearing properties of this tyre are not good. For these conditions  Alaska 3 would be a better tyre to use. We can supply these tyres in sizes from 13" to 16" in a variety of widths and aspect ratio as well as the compound variations noted in our general information about Maxsport tyres. Please enquire if you need a tyre not in our listing as the tyres listed offer a range that will be preferred by the majority of customers. General information about Maxsport tyres can be viewed here

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