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Uprated Heater Water Valve Kit, includes all Fittings and Instructions. This kit replaces the poor standard valve providing better control of heater water flow via a precision inline valve.

This inline valve (inline meaning it sits in the water hose) has a very smooth, friction free operation. The internal water flow regulating tumbler has a cleverly designed aperture shape, which means that increase in water flow is proportional to lever movement. The original TR4-6 heater valve opens in a linear manner, which gives most of the control during the first quarter of the movement and very little control over that last quarter of the movement. It is therefore almost impossible to proportionally control the water flow and therefore the heat output from the heater matrix. In addition the valve is invariably so stiff that shutting the water off completely is almost impossible (without opening the bonnet and doing it manually). The internal construction of this new valve, with its friction free operation goes a long way to overcoming this inconvenient phenomenon.

There are 3 kits available, the first suits TR2-3B with our Clayton Heater fitted, the second fits TR4-6 with an original heater or our one of replacement kits fitted and the third kit fits TR2-3B with the standard heater fitted. The third kit is also a universal kit, allowing it to be fitted to any car requiring a valve as it includes: valve, adaptor hoses to suit 13, 16 and 19mm pipe work, clips and fitting as well as a 1m long operating cable. Please see below.

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