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TR2-6 Front wheel bearing anti knock-back kit. This kit has been designed to strengthen the front stub axles by introducing a solid tube between the inner races of the wheel bearings.

This kit helps to alleviate brake pad knock back; the kit contains 1 car set of parts and is adjusted by shims provided in the kit. Always use new wheel bearings when fitting this kit. See GHK1021 below
How does it work?
The spacer is clamped with the appropriate number shims to give the correct bearing end float between the inner and outer wheel bearings. As the spacer is a much larger diameter than the stub axle, with the wheel bearing inner races clamped together firmly (the securing nut is tightened to a high torque level rather than being backed off) the stub axle is much less likely to bend under heavy cornering loads.
Without the kit fitted, the stub axle will bend under heavy cornering forces, exacerbated by modern sticky tyres, resulting in the brake disc being temporarily out of true to the brake caliper. When this happens the brake pads are pushed back in to the caliper. When the brakes are next applied the brake pedal will need to be moves a long way to engage the pads with the disc.
Fitting this anti knock back kit will remove this unwanted tendency to the point where, in most cases, no knock back will be present at all.
Full fitting instructions are provided

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