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RTR Upgrade
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Throttle improvement kit. This kit can be fitted to all early PI saloon cars with the CP type throllte bodies fitted.

This throttle system, which has proved itself a major contributor to smooth running and maintainability of Lucas mechanical petrol injection systems, retains the standard under-slung cross shaft below the throttle bodies to which are added three independent ball jointed rods passing up to the butterfly spindles. These new rod assemblies have been designed to eliminate inlet butterfly 'flutter' and are incorporated in the Full kit listed below. This kit includes 3 cross shaft bearings made from a material superior to the original in as much as it is not affected by heat, grease or U.V. light. Note: - It is necessary to split one side of one bearing to facilitate fitting to the centre bearing position. TESTIMONIAL We constantly receive feedback on the improvements provided by our throttle mechanisms. Ollie from Reading recently wrote: - I just wanted to let you know how much my TR6 has improved since I fitted your new throttle mechanism. I took the car out yesterday and it now pulls from low down the rev range and keeps going much further than it did before. It is not lumpy and even goes above 60 mph! (Revington TR note: In this instance we recommended removal of an unsatisfactory mechanism from another supplier due to that mechanisms inability to achieve full throttle and the fitment of our overhead kit)

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