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RTR Upgrade
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Why EFI?
Triple Webers are an easy option as they can be tuned the world over; however, they offer little low down torque and are very fussy giving plenty of spit back at 40mph on a light load. This is usually impossible to get rid of.
Mechanical PI on the other hand will give seamless torque through the range and works well at sea level and up to approx. 8000ft but performance gradually drops off and plugs start to foul as the air gets thinner but the metering unit continues to supply the same amount of fuel that it would at sea level. The engine must be standard CP or CR spec so that we can supply the correct metering unit. Overbore of course is acceptable. Here in the UK we can adjust the MU to suit individual cars, using our 400BHP Rolling Road and an ingenious computer modelling program that enables us to 'map' the metering unit to suit individual inlet/engine/exhaust combinations but this process is not a practical proposition for those living far afield overseas.

Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) on the other hand offers significant torque and economy benefits.
The kit includes all the parts to make a conversion, except a fuel injection petrol tank. If necessary this can be supplied at extra cost.
This kit offers completely mapped ignition and fuel (the distributor is removed completely) and has altitude compensation so it will work everywhere, at sea level and up the highest mountains (needless to say we haven't been everywhere with such a car but personal experience has shown that a TR equipped with our EFI has performed faultlessly at the top of the Stelvio Pass which is 2757meters!

The kit comes with a basic map installed and then the owner can alter this either on his own or with the assistance of a tuning workshop, using a laptop computer and freely downloadable software.

Fuel and braking systems

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