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RTR Upgrade
Part No:
Price Ex VAT @ 20%
TR2-4 Rear Brake kit assembled on axle

TR2-3B with Girling rear axle, rear Disc Brake Conversion kit. This kit includes all parts required to fit rear disc brakes to TR2 to TR3B including calipers with pads, mounting parts, discs, handbrake parts, hoses and comprehensive fitting instructions.

If you are looking for better braking or your standard components are worn out consider this kit which improves braking efficiency.

Advantages are: -


  • Better all round breaking
  • Brake fade associated with drums is a thing of the past
  • Cheaper replacement pads in high quality material
  • Superior handbrake performance 

This kit can only be fitted to TR2 - TR3 (early) when a later Girling axle is fitted (identifiable by having 6 screws holding the hub to the axle- the Lockheed axle has 4). The kit will not fit to Lockheed axles. Also, this kit should only be considered if you are prepared to check body clearance and remove metal from the inner wheel arch lip. Whilst this modification is minor, it is essential to ensure there is clearance for the caliper on full bump. This applies to all TR2-3B variants. See photograph.

Spare pads in various grades are listed below.

This kit has been designed with our rear anti roll bar (sway bar) kit RTR3154K  RTR3081K in mind to ensure both kits can fit on the car without inferring with one another. These anti roll bar kits also form part of our integrated suspension packages which are, in total, compatible with this rear disc brake kit.

Fuel and braking systems

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