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RTR Upgrade
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RTR7117-1 with standard TR4-5 hing

Pair of large boot hinges suitable for TR4-5. We sell under this part number a smaller version of the type of hinges used on the works TR4 rally cars. The correct hinges part number RTR7117 are very expensive and are supplied to special order only. We have however this alternative which is slightly shorter but looks much the same.

The type of hing used on the works cars (part number RTR7117) is substantially longer (252mm long) than the TR4 standard hing and is in fact normal fitment on a Standard Ensign or Vanguard. The works rally TR4 hinges are supplied to special order only. The longer hinges were employed for a specific purpose, in that the lightweight aluminium boot lid needed extras support and from time to time an additional spare wheel was carried on the boot lid adding additional strain to the hinges. 

As we have original samples we can have the correct parts (RTR7117) cast and finished to a high standard if the original look of the works TR4 rally car is required. A cost to supply these is shown below.

A much more practical solution is this readily available hing RTR7117-1, whist a little shorter at 214mm it will do the job and look correct to the casual eye.

TR4-5 owners who use a boot rack should consider this hing which provides considerable extra support over and above that offered by the standard hinges.


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