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TR2-3B Fibreglass bulge for the right hand side of the transmission tunnel to allow the fitment of an electronic signal transmitter for an electronic speedometer. Only required on overdrive cars.

When our electronic speedometer is fitted, a signal is required to drive it. To make the whole installation simple the signal transmitter we supply screws onto the speedometer cable outlet of the gearbox/overdrive.  Cars without overdrive have the cable outlet on the left hand side of the gearbox low down which creates no problem.  Overdrive cars on the other hand have a cable exit higher up on the right hand side very close to the transmission tunnel which required Triumph to devise a special handbrake/speedometer cable grommet to allow the cable to enter the cabin and immediately exit again. This grommet is not large enough to accommodate the signal transmitter hence the need for this fibreglass bulge which is screwed to the transmission tunnel to cover the signal transmitter. When fitting, a small amount will need to be cut away from the transmission tunnel, which will allow room for the signal transmitter and will be covered by the fibreglass bulge.

To fit.

With the transmission cover in place, handbrake lever fitted and the grommet and its securing plates removed, offer up the signal transmitter and identify where material will need to be removed from the transmission tunnel. Cut away only enough material to allow the signal transmitter to be fitted facing forward with a safe run for the cable, allowing space for the cable, to avoid chaffing, when the gearbox and overdrive are moving about on the rubber mountings when the car is operational.

Cut away the speedometer cable part of the original grommet leaving enough of the grommet to act solely as a handbrake lever grommet. Re-secure this to the floor with its securing plate. 

Offer up the fibreglass bulge and determine its ideal position. Drill through the bulge and the tunnel with a 2.5mm drill where the indents are and secure with very short self-tapping screws so as not to touch the overdrive.  

Remove the transmission tunnel and check the installation, grinding off the excess of the self-tapping screws if necessary. Run the cable up to the top of the gearbox cover and secure with a 'P' clip under one of the top cover securing bolts. Secure the remaining wiring to the overdrive operation wires so that these can exit the transmission tunnel together through the original grommet hole. 

Electrical installation instructions are to be found with the signal transmitter/electronic speedometer kits.

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