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cowls and rubber seal

This kit contains a pair of larger than standard indicator switch cowls, rubber 'H' sections joiners, fittings and instructions.

The cowls are large enough to accommodate more modern column switches, which have indicator, dip, horn, flash and wash/wipe facilities incorporated and are included in our kits RTR8328-1K and RTR8328-2K along with suitable switches.

The cowls are used with the sort of switches that clamp around the column and therefore if being fitted on a TR4, 4A, 250, 5 or 6 you must use RTR3381-2 short upper column outer tube with bushes to allow fitment of the switches and cowl set.
The cowls can be used on TR2-3B too but the face nearest the dashboard may need shortening as there is often not enough space for them as supplied between the steering wheel and the dash panel.

The shrouds are hand made from very thin fibreglass off our own tools. The cowls are finished in gloss black gel coat and have the apertures cut out to accommodate the switch stalks. As individual installations will vary, some trimming may be necessary.

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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