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Windscreen Wiper Intermittent Timer Module Kit For classic vehicles with a wiper systems that DOES NOT self park particularly TR2-3. Most classic vehicles have windscreen wipers that are either on or off, so driving in drizzle or moderate rainfall means constantly reaching for that wiper switch!

This kit solves the problem with an economical & simple to install module. No more squeaking from too little rain. No more flicking your wipers on and off. The kit provides, via a retro style rotary control switch, wiper sweep intervals of 2, 3, 4, 8 & 12 seconds. The kit is simple to fit having only a few wires to connect. this kit is ONLY intended for cars fitted with wipers with NO self park facility. 
We all love our classic vehicles and many of us use them all year round. This means facing the vagaries of the weather, and let's face it, even summer weather is rarely as rain free as we'd like! Fitting this intermittent wiper module will make the experience all the more enjoyable.

The module allows easy set up to your vehicle's wiper sweep duration via two control knobs. This sets the time interval specific to the sweep of your wipers so that when the module activates the wipers they sweep until the motor is deactivated when it comes to its normal rest position thus parking the wipers in the correct position between each sweep.

Ample time to switch off the wipers between sweeps - the next best thing to self parking wipers.

Full instructions & connectors included.
Revington TR recommends using Auxiliary Fuse Box kit RTR8270K to provide the additional power feed. See below
For cars with self part wipers use kit RTR8351-4 

Fitting Tip

  • A problem arises when fitting the switch that is part of this kit to a wooden dash that can be up to 15mm thick as the thread to secure the switch is only 10mm long. Triumph encountered this with certain switches on the TR4A-6 and mounted the switch on a 'top hat' section bracket that was screwed to the dashboard backer. The bracket is part number RTR8369 and fits the switch in this kit perfectly. As the switch has a shaft 40mm long there is plenty to protrude through the front of the dashboard. Customers with double skins or wood where they want to mount the switch will find this bracket very useful.
  • Note carefully that there is a metal limiting washer at the base of the thread of the operating switch and numbers 1-12 around the body of the switch. This limit washer must be in place and set to 6 (off plus 5 delay options). It can also be set to 7 to provide another off after the 12 second delay.  

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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