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RTR Upgrade
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TR2-8 (or any car of any age for that matter) Auxiliary Fuse Box and Loom kit. This kit provides 8 extra fuses; 4 supplied directly from the battery and 4 ignition controlled via a relay, to enable you to safely add accessories and other additional equipment to your car.

The loom feeding the relay and fuses from the battery is long enough to reach a suitable mounting location on most bulkheads,

Using the new fused outputs from this kits fuse box will ensure any additional features (radiator fan, spot lights etc.) can be added to the alternator/dynamo output without interfering with the original wiring. Fitting instructions are included to assist the simple installation of this kit to your car to power any non standard equipment.

Most cars, TR's included, have wiring harnesses only intended to service the standard car and are not capable of safely supporting additional loads. When additional loads are added to a car and powered from the existing fuse box, the extra loads can lead to wiring harness and ignition switch failure. In extreme cases this can lead to electrical fires. Even if extra wiring and fuses are included, this usually results in a 'birds nest' of additional wiring , resulting a a messy engine bay an poses a night mare for fault finding. This simple additional loom solution keeps everything neet and manageable.

Our kit is easily added to the car having only three input connections, one to the battery or alternator, one to an ignition feed for the relay (a very low draw of no more than 200mA) and a relay earth will provide enough feeds for most accessories, including our axial flow Petrol Injection pump kits (TR5-6). 

For a more comprehensive solution, consider our universal safety loom RTR8476K with multiple relays and fused dedicated to individual circuits. See below

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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