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Revington TR's generic numbering system allows for easy identification of fastener products from their part number. Nuts are prefixed as follows:
NP = plain nut
NY = nyloc nut
NC = castellated (measured to the base of the castellation)
NS = philidas
NV = All steel locking nut

In this series, the first number indicates thread type as for bolts. The second and third numbers define thread size in 1/16th of an inch or 1mm. The forth and fifth numbers indicate the thickness in 1/32" or 1mm, except BA where the BA size is used. The last digit is reserved for variations and finishes as follows:
1 = BZP
2 = Hardened
3 = AF variations
4 = Stainless Steel
5 = LH Thread steel
6 = Other variations
7 = Brass

Stainless Steel nuts and Bolts

please be aware that stainless steel, unless it is very expensive stainless steel, does not have the same tensile strength as High Carbon High Tensile steel. Whilst we can supply any screw, nut or bolt in stainless steel, we will only supply these for general use and NOT for applications of high stress and especially where safety is critical 

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