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Revington TR's generic numbering system allows for easy identification of fastener products from their part number. Washers are prefixed as follows:
WP = plain
WS = spring
WC = copper
WA = aluminium
WF = fibre
WD = dowty
WT = thackery
WW = wave washer

In this series, the first number indicates the measuring units 1 = English, 2 = metric. The second and third numbers are the internal diameter in 1/16'' of an inch or 1mm. The forth and fifth numbers are the outside diameter in 1/16th of an inch or 1mm. The sixth, seventh, and eighth numbers are the thickness in 0.001'' or 0.01mm. A number in the 9th column indicates a special finish. In the case of spring washers, 1 in the ninth column indicates shakeproof star internal, 2 is shakeproof star external, and 3 is a shake proof spring type.

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