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RevingtonTR/TR Register HIllclimb and Sprint Championship 2005

Published: 07 Dec 2005

Congratulations to Pen Davies, the 2005 RevingtonTR/TR Register Hillclimb and sprint Champion driving a Modified Triumph GT6. Pen competed in more rounds than any other entrant, scored six maximums, and achieved five new bogey times on the way; an excellent performance. Pen reported 'I've had some fantastic moments (and occasionally some scary moments!!), but overall I've had a lot of fun, which is what its all about. I'm indebted to Max of Totally Triumph for allowing me to drive his car, and basically just to 'arrive and drive'!! '

Congratulations also to Rod Warner, second in his Tuned Road going TR7V8 and Ronnie Clayton, third in his similar TR4.

The class winners were
Daniel Smith Tuned Roadgoing 4 cylinder,
Simon Burton Tuned Roadgoing 6 Cylinder,
Keith O'Dell Tuned Roadgoing 8 cylinder,
Richard Duddles Modified 4 and 6 cylinder, and
Neil Sawyer Modified 8 cylinder.

There were no entrants in the Roadsports class who completed the minimum five rounds.

Perhaps the most memorable events of the season were those best forgotten: the cars laid low or written off when not competing, the cars temporarily garaged due to house moving and other activities, and the venues cancelled due to flood and melting tar. The Championship saw the most entrants ever signed up which is encouraging but this doesn't always translate into large event entrie. Lets hope we get more cars out for 2006.

What was very heartening was the number of new competitors out for the first time. I hope they enjoyed their first 'toe in the water' and will continue with even more vigour next season.

The website continues to flourish thanks to the strenuous work of Rod and the contributors. Reports and photographs of many of the events can be found there as well as all of the results and practically everything you need to know about sprinting and hillclimbing but were afraid to ask! Please Click here.

A big 'thank you' to the members of the Register who came out and supported us at the various events: we look forward to seeing you again in 2006.

Neil Revington