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This Rheostat Switch has a 21mm long thread and 21mm long shaft.

Triumph used a variety of parts numbers between TR4 - 7 for this instrument dimming rheostat as follows: -
129768 was fitted from TR4-TR6 up to CF1
159001 was fitted to North American models from CF1
150620 was fitted to European models from CR1
TKC3936 was fitted to all TR7-TR8
The above switches are almost identical and are now superseded to this number BHA4278.
This switch is supported on the TR5, TR250 and TR6 dashboard by bracket 621794, which is not illustrated in the original parts catalogues.
A similar rheostat, part number 57H5260 is fitted to TR3-3A and used to control the heater blower motor speed. See below.

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