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TR3A-4 Domed glass Ammeter. Consider also using exchange part 125111EX, or non-original part 133117B. The clamps are 136643/2SH 136643/1SH

This instrument has Lucar electrical connections and domed glass. The case is plastic ( with its own illumination) rather than metal for practical reasons. When Lucas produced these instruments originally with a steel case the gauges had a Bakalite back separating the positive and negative connections. These cases were very special and were only cost effective due to the volume being made. If a standard steel case is used, electromagnetic interference can cause adjacent gauges, especially the fuel gauge to read incorrectly. The plastic case used to house our ammeters removes these problems completely. Rest assured that the gauge looks original when installed in the dashboard.

Our manufacturer can produce a special steel case if required but this is very expensive and generally not as satisfactory as the plastic case. If ultimate originality is required please order 125111EX which is an original gauge usually sold on an exchange basis. A deposit will be charged which will be refunded if an old reconditionable gauge can be returned to us. 
This ammeter reads 30 amp + and -. Our ammeters are all capable of handling 60 amps, regardless of printed scale, in this case the instrument is calibrated to 30 amp. The ammeters also have a small overload margin, and will survive higher currents for short durations. 
The earlier instrument with screw connections is part number 106967.
A full set of 4  instruments is available new as are a range of the two larger instruments. See below

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