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Electronic TR2-3B KPH Speedometer (MPH shown for reference)

TR2-3B Electronic Speedometer reading KPH. A gearbox sensor (supplied separately) provides the electronic feed. Our range of completely new electronic speedometers complements our exchange service by providing an instrument which is reliable, accurate and free from the troubles of speedometer drive cable failure.

The faces are as near as is practicable to the original face with the obvious exception of a small rectangular green window in the face where trip and odometer readings are viewed.

The instruments are offered in the range that covers all eventualities from TR2-TR6. The instrument is calibrated via the trip reset button and can therefore be calibrated accurately to suit any car with any speedometer output drive ratio, differential ratio and tyre size. This will be of particular interest to TR owners who have a none-TR gearbox with an inappropriate speedometer drive gear fitted. 
The appropriate sensor we supply screws onto the TR gearbox speedometer drive output and comes with an electrical lead which drives the speedometer. Instructions for fitting and calibration are supplied. Calibration is achieved by using the trip reset button to find the appropriate setting which gives infinite flexibility to recalibrate the instrument in the event of changes of tyre, gearbox or differential ratio and is not restricted to available internal gears as is the case with a mechanical instrument. This sensor RTR8558-1 is listed below and will need to be ordered separately.  A bolt counting sensor is available too for those who wish to devise their own installation.
TR's 2-3B with overdrive will find that the signal transmitter sits out slightly beyond the transmission tunnel and is slightly too large to sit within the standard Triumph speedometer cable grommet. Revington TR have manufactured a suitable 'Bulge' from fibreglass to cover the signal transmitter. Order part number RTR7277. What is entailed in fitting part RTR7277 and brief fitting instructions can be found under this part number on our website

The speedometer comes with manufacturers fitting instructions however additions helpful notes specific to a TR installation are to be found in Information sheet IS0061, downloadable by pressing the 'Further Reading' tab above.

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