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TR4 & TR4A Heater Valve Adaptors-Elbow (also used on TR250 & TR6 Carb Spec-US Models). This Elbow is fitted between the cylinder head and the heater valve. When attempting to remove an old heater valve from this elbow on a TR4 or TR4A you often find the alloy valve body cracks and the remains stick inside the elbow.

Some of the replacement elbows from some TRIUMPH Specialists
are very different in size and design as the picture shows. The correct one is on the left and the wrong one on the right. What this means is that on the 4 Cylinder engine in particular it hits the head
nut and you can't turn the valve to get it secured down. To use this type of replacement part you need to remove the
head nut, insert the elbow & then replace the head nut and torque it down. Not an ideal situation  wit he possibility of Head Gasket leakage shortly after because the need to loosen only one head nut.

Don't Worry the CORRECT shape Elbow is NOW available again from Revington TR under this original part number, that being the part shown on the left.

further Information 


Three types of water valve adaptor were fitted to TR4-6: -

133061 is a short slightly angled adaptor fitted to TR4, 4A, TR250 and carburettor TR6
148435 is a straight adaptor with a hexagon at the top. This came in two lengths but the part number remained the same. TR5 use the shorter one which has an O/A length of 67mm (The TR5 parts book refer to 133061 but this is an error). The TR6 PI part has an O/A length of 81mm. We keep second hand straight parts under this one part number 148435SH.

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