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CAD image showing conductor

TR6 4-way main electrical feed Connector. This product can also be useful for all cars where heavy duty cables require connecting together with large 9.5mm Lucar terminals. The terminals are plated to ensure long term good electrical connection.

This standard TR6 part is useful in all applications, especially kit cars, where main electrical feed cables need to be joined or the main feed from the battery can be cut (not the starter motor feed but the general car electrical services feed), the connector block inserted with two Lucar blade type female terminals connected to our connector block, leaving two spare connectors for accessories.

This part is especially useful on TR2-4A and other cars where the regulator is being removed in conjunction with the fitting of an alternator. This component conveniently allows all the power leads to be neatly connected together in place of the regulator.

This product is made to a very high standard exclusively for RevingtonTR and is identical in all respects to the original Lucas product. 

Electrical systems, Instruments etc.

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