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10 tooth pinion gear 15.5mm thick. This part is not available new, please consider second hand part number 153385SH or complete differential carrier assemblies 302155X and 302155XSH. See below.

All TR s from Girling TR3-TR6 use pinion gear 113188 (which superceedes to the late TR6 gear 153385) A selection of various thicknesses of cupped washer are available from which suitable sizes can be selected as required to give zero backlash The Differential fitted to TR2 8, Dolomite 2.5PI etc. use a common arrangement of thrust washers in conjunction with pinion gears. A complete range of thicknesses is shown below allowing excessive wear to be eliminated by use of one or a combination of thrust washers. 138440 0.027 ' 139952 0.056 147249 0.030 139953 0.060" 138441 0.035" 139954 0.064" 148805 0.041" 160375 0.065-67" 056793 0.048 139955 0.068" 139951 0.052" 139956 0.072" TR s TR2-3- with a Lockheed axle use pinion gear 100823

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