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TR4-6 plus Spitfire, GT6 and Herald. Bush uprated for upper and lower end of upper column. 3/4" internal diameter. Price is per bush.

Owners of TR's 4-6 will be aware of the scenario of having to change steering column bushes as a result of an MOT failure, only to find that when the new original style bushes have been fitted, matters have not improved much! Revington TR have once more come to the rescue with a replacement bush, manufactured from a modern plastic bearing material which can operate with much closer tolerances than the original bush could. The new bush is supported by a Superpro polyurethane outer 'tyre' which locates in the outer column in the same way as the original bush. A version of this bush is used on TR2-3A too.

Fitting is simple enough. Ensure the dimples in the tyre line up with the holes in the inner bush. This allows the  dimples to compress into the holes when fitting. Use a little washing up liquid if necessary when pushing the push into the column. 

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