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Fuel level Sender Unit high quality suitable for BiMetal instruments as fitted to TR4, 4A, 250, 5 and 6 with additional low warning light facility. This sender unit is a higher quality part than 214465 and has the added advantage of an extendable arm allowing for minor scale adjustments.

This high quality part is far more stable, giving more stable readings and has a higher longevity expectation than the standard aftermarket replacement 214465 currently available. In addition to this parts standard function it has a built in facility to activate a low fuel warning light at a factory set low limit. This facility can be used or ignored as the user feels fit. If unused the main function of the unit will not be affected.

For reference the resistance range of this sender unit will nominally read 240 Ohms empty to 20 Ohms full, particularly gauges with a part number on the face starting BF.

The arm that supports the float is adjustable for length. As can be seen in the photographs the arm supporting the float is in two parts. The instructions provided in the kit show how the two parts are connected together at a suitable length to suit your fuel tank and gauge. This facility allows for simple adjustment (instructions included) of the length of the arm between the variable resister pack and the float to maximise fuel gauge reading accuracy. The kit includes the gasket between the sender unit and the tank. We recommend using Heldite gasket sealant on all petrol joints.

Whilst high quality sender part number 214465-1 is our preferred sender for standard applications, we also have a fully adjustable unit which is very useful when the fuel tank is non-standard or a reproduction and therefore a different shape resulting in inaccurate fuel level readings when a standard type sender unit is used. The fully adjustable unit can be tailored to suit a variety of tank shapes ensuring accurate fuel level readings. See RTR8514-1 below.

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