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This excellent jointing compound is supplied in a tin with an applicator brush. Heldite provides a perfect gas and fluid seal. Not available to Customer outside of the UK.

Applied with an applicator brush integral with the cap, this product avoids the problem common with beaded sealant where excess sealer can find its way into the oil and waterways. This could lead to an expensive rebuild in the future. Heldite is a must in every toolbox for every gasket refit as well as engine and heater hose joints.

Why use Heldite
Prooven track record - nearly 90 years of use in multiple industrial sectors and applications
Multi purpose product - Adhesive and sealant
  • Anti corrosive and inert - Inhibits corrosion and can be used to seal electrical components to resist moisture ingress.
  • Accurate application - Applied by brush
  • Flexibility - combats vibration and stress imposed by temperature changes in dissimilar metals and materials
  • Adhesion - Aids gasket location and security of studs, splines and press fit bearings
  • Sealant - Resistant to most types of fluid used in automotive sector (not compatible with Ethanol)

    Use Heldite for:

    • Cooling systems
    • Waterpumps
    • Thermostats
    • Exhaust manifolds
    • Rocker cover gaskets
    • Suitable for copper cylinder head gaskets but not with velum
    • Thread lock sealant on a bearing
    • Flanged joints
    • Compression joints
    • Hydraulic compression joints
    • Rubber hoses to radiators
    • Water pump gaskets
    • Inlet manifolds
    • Bell housing
    • Transmission and Rear axles gaskets and oil seals
    • Sump gaskets
    • Assembly of dissimilar metals


    "I purchased from your stand the above product at the International TR weekend. I have used it this week for the first time on Bentley Mk 6 and MG TC shockabsorbers with highly satisfactory results. I cannot recommend this product enough! It is a huge saving in both time and money and as soon as I need more I will order from you with every confidence and have no hesitation in recommending this product either. Superb!"
    Derek, Stevson Motors

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