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Chassis frame  new, painted  rear view

TR2-3 Remanufactured Chassis Frame, untreated, Lockheed type with brake pipe and hose supports for drum brakes. We offer a comprehensive chassis service supplying complete chassis in a variety of finishes and also supplying individual chassis parts, many of which were not available originally as separate items.

Our complete chassis units are remanufactured using original chassis parts where necessary and can be supplied as follows:


  • Unpainted. 
  • Etch primed only.
  • Etch primed and painted black.
  • Modified for Rally use, etch primed and painted black.

TR2‑3B chassis are supplied on an exchange basis completely refurbished as we require the front steering box, idler brackets and the main turrets along with the hand brake bracket from your car for the chassis build, if specifically required for concourse originality, the centre cruciform section from your chassis can also be incorporated into the new chassis as the new chassis have a simplified, but just as strong, design. There is no price difference except a potential transport cost. more information about this process can be found HERE.
Should you choose to take your remanufactured chassis away prior to returning your old chassis, a deposit RTR7286 will be charged until usable parts as detailed above are returned to us.

Please remember that all chassis ordered under this part number will be supplied in bare steel as taken out of the assembly jig with no treatment at all, RevingtonTR do however offer the paint treatments listed below.

Triumph used part number 301217/SS for the TR2-3B chassis. Triumph only offered this one part number in the parts book but various changes were made through the life of the chassis to account for but not limited to the change in brakes from Lockheed to Girling and the introduction of an extra support for the steering column outer tube.

As there are two distinctly different chassis, Girling and Lockheed we have decided to offer two variations which will cover all needs and include all the additional strengthening triumph added on late chassis. If further strengthening is required, choose either RTR7027-1 or RTR7027-2 and instruct us to add this to the chassis during its build.

Note: - The chassis shown is the photographs has received the painting process described under part number RTR7095 below

Chassis and bodywork

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