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RTR Upgrade
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Chassis frame  new, painted  side view

TR2-6 Chassis finishing process. This finish can be applied to your remanufactured chassis at the cost shown. The Chassis is shot blasted, etch primed, then zinc rich primed and electrostatically painted black. The Chassis shown is a TR3A chassis.

Each chassis goes though the following painting process after shot blasting: -

1-  An etch primer 2 pack
2-  A zinc phosphate powder coat
3-  A polyester top coat
The company we use are an ISO9001 certified supplier using high quality Cromadex products. The topcoat used is rated to fade less than 10% in 3 years of intense sun. As we hope our chassis stay below the body, we expect out paint system to have a long life.  

Chassis and bodywork

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