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RTR Upgrade
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TR4A-6. Sliding heavy duty drive shaft member. Supplied singularly. These uprated Shafts are supplied with 2 heavy duty UJ's (they have fewer, larger diameter rollers and improved dust caps) and one driving flange, assembled to the shaft ready to be fitted to your hub. These sliding drive shaft members are a direct replacement for your worn out original items.

As the sliding member incorporates a larger than standard splined shaft and is already mounted to 2 heavy duty universal joints, it will be able to transmit more power than standard or in a standard environment will have a much longer service life. In addition the sliding member is PTFE (often known as Teflon) lined making sure the sliding parts move smoothly without judder and that audible clunks from this part of the rear transmission will be a thing of the past. For convenience a driving flange is ready fitted to the inboard end of the driveshaft so that it is only necessary to disassemble the hub from the original driveshaft and to assemble this to the new improved driveshaft.

These Driveshafts are called 'close coupled' as they are very short and small in diameter. They therefore do not need balancing as by design they are intrinsically balanced to the requirements of the international standard G16. Should you wish to have your shafts balanced to a higher standard Revington TR can arrange this for you.

Service: In theory the Driveshaft assembly should be greased at service intervals and it is a good idea if you can do that, however if you do not you will join the vast majority of owners! We have been selling these shafts for over 10 years with no failures at all, which suggests they will last a very long time with no attention. There is however no doubt that regular greasing will prolong their life.


TR's 4A IRS, 250, 5 and 6 can exhibit a tendency for the rear end to do a single twitch, both left and right, on the straight after a series of corners. Examining the rear suspension may not show anything obviously loose or sloppy on either the suspension or the drive train. This problem is usually caused by worn drive shafts, which lock up when compressed in a corner and take a moment to unlock when the car has straightened, but in the meantime the suspension is held up in the wheelarch until it jerks free causing an obvious twitch. The cure is a pair of these uprated drive shafts part number RTR1371.

Whilst inspecting the drive shafts have a good look a the hubs too. If there is any play, you should consider replacing them. Order 2 x 137496-1.

Fitting Tip

Use an old nut to ensure the studs in the trailing arms will take the 16 lbft torque with the hub attached to the trailing arm but whilst it is disconnected from the drive
shaft. If any studs start to pull, use a Helicoil kit RTR5046 to rectify any threads that are suspect.

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