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RTR Upgrade
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Complete kit

TR2-4 adjustable top fulcrum. Enables accurate setting of camber. This useful kit obviates the need to "cut and shut" wishbones. Designed and developed by Revington TR in 1990 and still a best seller world wide!

This kit incorporates a new style fulcrum which can be slid over the top of the turret allowing accurate camber setting. Once set, a top plate provided is welded in place to secure the assembly (extra top plates are available should future alteration be required). The welding required is very minor. There is a top plate which clamps the main body which slides under it to enable camber to be adjusted. Once set to the correct camber it is good practice to make a couple of small tack welds so the top plate is fixed to the main body.This kit uses late TR4 to TR6 type top wishbones and Top ball joint, and the late TR4 three degree caster trunnion. Full instructions are included.
TR2 to early TR4 owners will need to purchase some standard late TR4-6 components. The wishbones are set wider than normal, spacers being provided to be selectively placed either side of the Top ball joint to ensure the vertical link is under no tension. This kit uses the standard TR2-TR4 vertical link so you do not need to change the vertical link.The standard TR4-6 components required are: -
2 x 133504SHPC Top wishbone, second-hand powder coated. 2 x 133507SHPC Top wishbone, second-hand powder coated, 2 x GSJ131GR Top ball joint, 1 x 133838 Lower trunnion RH, 1 x 133839 Lower trunnion LH.
The clearance to the inner wing can be very tight once installed and may need the inner wing to be relieved a very small amount to get clearance to the end of the upper fulcrum pin end.. The best way to get the clearance, if required, is to drill a hole about 1.5" using a hole cutter. This does have the added benefit of being able to get at the nuts on the end of the upper fulcrum pin if required. The hole can then be fitted with a suitable grommet to blank the hole off whilst still giving sufficient clearance.The unit it 48mm tall. 
A similar kit RTR3174K is available for TR4A-6 too. see below

Suspension and steering

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