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RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%
RTR3102K and RTR3174K Upper Fulcum Kit .jpg

TR4A, 250, 5, 6 adjustable top fulcrum.

This kit enables accurate setting of camber and castor on TR4A, TR250 and TR6. This kit incorporates a new style fulcrum which can be slid over the top of the turret allowing accurate camber setting. Once set, a top plate provided is welded in place to secure the assembly (extra top plates are available should future alteration be required). This kit when fitted to a TR4A-6 will allow small amounts of caster adjustment too. Spacers are provided which are selectively placed either side of the Top ball joint to ensure the vertical link/top ball joint is under no tension once the vertical link has been set to the correct castor. TR250, 5, 6 owners may need to modify their wheelarch to accommodate this kit. The wishbones are set wider than normal, which can interfere with the inner wing.

The clearance to the inner wing can be very tight once installed and may need the inner wing to be relieved a very small amount to get clearance to the end of the upper fulcrum pin end.. The best way to get the clearance, if required, is to drill a hole about 1.5" using a hole cutter. This does have the added benefit of being able to get at the nuts on the end of the upper fulcrum pin if required. The hole can then be fitted with a suitable grommet to blank the hole off whilst still giving sufficient clearance.

The unit it 48mm tall 

Suspension and steering

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