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RTR Upgrade
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Neil's TR5 racing in Mdina Malta

TR4A-6 Very Fast Road/Rally/Race suspension packed to our 'Targa' setup where original rear dampers need to be retained (we do supply the kit with telescopic rear dampers too if required). SuperPro bushes are used front and rear.

This is kit is as used on Neil's Targa TR5 as originally built before the rear telescopic damper kit was fitted. It uses sports front dampers and a 7/8" front Anti Roll Bar; no rear ARB is fitted. There are 5 variations of the basic kit to suit all needs with the option to fit the exceptional Nitron dampers at the front too.


see Mdina GP 2015 video

This package is popular with customers who use their cars on the road as well as the track and will hold its own in many competitive circles. As an example, Neil's TR5 has been used for touring in Ireland in the company of works TR4 6VC. 

Explore the photographs to the right where Neil's TR5 is used in all forms of Motorsport and as a touring car with success in all camps. 


Suspension and steering

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