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COST TO SLOT SEAT 2 or 3 slots

RTR Upgrade
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Price Ex VAT @ 20%

AVAILABLE This part is available to order

slot in sides with grommet installed

Cost to include slots for seat belts (2 or 3 as required) in our RevingtonTR RTR6125 series bucket seats. two are required one each side to accommodate harness type belts. If a crutch strap is to be used (usually for competition only) a further slot in the cushion is required. Cost is to provide up to 3 slots per seat.

The slots in the sides of the seat are finished with plastic grommets, the slot in the cushion is stitched in as a tube of seat material. A grommet is not used in this position as a grommet here would be too uncomfortable on the underside of the occupants legs.

The slots and grommets will allow most belts up to 3" to pass through. We have never had a problem fitting any belt with the slots we use. Lap belts are usually 2" but occasionally 3" are used. The shoulder straps are usually 3", Slots are not applicable to these straps as they fit neatly between the headrest pillars.

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