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RTR Upgrade
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RevingtonTR classic bucket style seat trimmed in Vinyl coloured material with black, white piping to customer choice, Designed by RevingtonTR, this seat provides comfort and security whilst being as wide as possible given the cabin size of a TR. The seat does not come with a headrest, if required please order RTR6114SP headrest separately.

Please note that whilst the headrests are removable, simply by being pulled out (useful for fitting a tonneau cover), they are also height adjustable; they can be raised and lowered then are held in place by a clip on one leg or can rest on the top of the seat back. 


Black or white vinyl piping is included in the cost of this seat. If piping of another colour vinyl is requested, this will need to be made up specially and at extra cost covered by part number RTR6125P.


This RevingtonTR Classic Style Bucket Seats is manufactured to our own design, identified by our RevingtonTR logo on the back rest, this being a very professional looking embroidering. Please let us know at the time of ordering if you would prefer to receive you seats without the RevingtonTR Logo.  


These seats are suitable for TR2-8 and any other similar sized car you choose to put them in. As a guide, our seats have been successfully fitted to Mini, Spitfire, Vitesse and Austin Healey as well as many others. Please see the dimensions below and in the accompanying photographs for guidance.


Our seats are available in a wide range of colours in vinyl and leather (please see part numbers below). Our seats are built on our own design of frame, powder coated for long-term protection and incorporating multi point mounting plates offering a range of installation options.

If you require headrests please order these separately, RTR6114, RTR6114SP. RTR6114L or RTR6114LSP are listed below with other accessories. Slots in the side and in the cushion for a harness and crutch strap are not provided on the standard seat. These are costed separably under part number RTR6115 as not all customers require these.


Here at RevingtonTR we are continuously improving the product range we offer and our seats are no exception to this. Whilst we have been using improved frames and adjustable height headrests for some time, our seats are now trimmed using an improved seat cushion system that brings greater comfort to an already very comfortable seat. In addition we can now incorporate heater mats and a pump up lumber support feature. The part numbers for these additional costs are shown below. 


Our standard production seats are trimmed to a high commercial standard by production methods, which will result in some very minor creasing of the material where it is required to hug tight curves. This creasing usually flattens out with use and warming and cooling in the sunshine.

RevingtonTR can arrange for seats and headrests to be trimmed to our usual high standard as part of a full car re-trim service, thus ensuring the seats match the interior perfectly.

This part number is for a coloured Vinyl seat. The price shown applies to coloured materials that are readily available to our trimmers. A surcharge may apply should materials to meet customers specification have to be bought in especially. Standard black seats are supplied under part number RTR6125.

Seat Dimensions: -

The following dimensions will enable you to ensure our seats are suitable for your application.  


Width at the base of the seat cushion at the very back 350mm. Width between the hip side tubes 410mm inside, 500mm outside. The inside dimension of 410mm is the dimension important to most customers as this is the dimension that determines if you will fit in or not! This dimension can be increased by frame alteration in exceptional circumstances. we will be happy to discuss this with you. Height of the backrest 590mm. Length from front to back 460mm.

Further dimensioned photos of the side and the rear of the seat can be found  in the photo gallery.



If you are a person with a large frame and are concerned that the side flanks of our seat may be intrusive and uncomfortable, follow the simple procedure here to establish what will be a comfortable width for you and compare this with the dimensions listed here and in the photographs. If necessary the seat frame can be modified at additional cost by RevingtonTR before trimming. 

Before we have the seat trimmed we can ensure the seat frames we choose are wide enough for you. We suggest the following: - Get a large cardboard box to hand roughly 500mm x 500mm x 500mm. Have an assistant standing by with a tape measure. Sit on the floor against a kitchen cupboard and push the box to your hip and allow for one hands thickness between your hip and the box. Measure from box to cupboard. This will give us a good measurement to work with, to ensure the seat is not restrictive for you.

These seats can be fitted directly onto TR2-3B seat runners, however if your seat runners are in poor condition or you are fitting to a TR4-6 or another marque all together, please order seat runner kit RTR6094K.
Fitting and accessories: - 
These seats can be fitted directly onto TR2-3B seat runners, however if your seat runners are in poor condition or you are fitting to a TR4-6 or another marque all together, please order runner kit RTR6094K.
Our seats can now be fitted with heat mats and adjustable lumber supports. See part numbers RTR6125-1 and RTR6125-2 below.

Ordering: -

When we supply seats and headrests in special colours, vinyl, leather or another material of the customers choice, we need to be sure the material used meets our customers approval. The choice of colour is usually a matter of personal choice when the whole car is being re-trimmed (a service we are happy to undertake) but is often the need for the seats to match existing interior.
If you have nothing at all but have an idea of colour, you might choose to send us something close to you preferred colour. This has in the past been as simple as a piece of cereal cardboard box!
If you are attempting to match an existing interior please send us a sample of the interior and piping. This can be cut from a piece of trim with excess material. A good place to look is the base of the quarter panels behind the seats. 
We will then see what material samples we have that closely match your samples and if there are shade differences, we will send you a range of colours to choose from. Once you have chosen we will find what is available currently and get samples to you for approval. Finally once the material is with the trimmer we will send you a sample of the actual material the seats will be trimmed from for approval so you can be 100% sure of the exact colour and shade.
This might seem rather long winded but as the seats will be unique to you and you will have paid for them up front, we do not wish to leave anything to chance. It is worth mentioning that choice of vinyl is rather more limited than leather as vinyl is made on massive rolls, not necessarily for the classic car trade, where as leather is dyed by a myriad of leather hide producers in small batches so the available range is huge.

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